How Can I Choose The Right Attorney?
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The Right Lawyer Can Make A Great Difference In Your Case Outcome

At Brod Disability Law in Greensboro, we never pressure potential clients to hurry up and make up their minds about whether to work with attorney Karen Brod and our firm’s staff to address their legal problems.

We are fully empathetic and understanding when potential clients let us know they need to think about it before retaining our services. In fact, we encourage them to do their homework, get to know a lawyer’s style in person if possible, take their time to decide, check out references, and ultimately, go with their instincts when making a commitment to enlist the services of an attorney.

Things We Suggest You Consider

Before signing a retainer or contingency agreement with our firm or any other, you may weigh these factors:

Location And Hours

Many people assume the closest lawyer to them is the one they should pick. Yes, there are times when convenient in-person meetings are helpful. Signatures, face-to-face clear explanations, and other benefits of being nearby should not be discounted. For this reason, our firm offers four convenient locations: Greensboro, Reidsville, Burlington, and Kernersville.

On the other hand, today’s world is interconnected in so many ways that location and hours should be less of a barrier than ever, if the lawyer you are interested in is farther away than you would like. Teleconferences, overnight mail, and a lawyer’s willingness to provide evening and weekend appointments or travel to you from time to time: these and other accommodations are all reasons to stay open-minded about the usual confinements of office hours if the lawyer you are interested in is not in your neighborhood.

Academic And Professional Background And Activities

Taking time to review your potential lawyer’s qualifications. For example, attorney Karen Brod has two degrees in psychology, completed before she went to law school. She understands human behavior and people’s needs. Since beginning her legal career, she has been professionally active while building a strong law practice. She is well-prepared to help any client address and overcome challenges on the road to appealing a Social Security Disability denial or solving other problems.

Evidence Of Past Successes

A lawyer’s previous case results should not be seen as predictors of how your case will go. However, a consistent pattern of success is worth paying attention to. When you meet with Ms. Brod to discuss your case, feel free to ask her about past cases similar to yours that brought great outcomes for her clients.

Rapport And Interpersonal Chemistry

Working with an attorney on personal matters such as documentation of a disability will require trust and confidence from both parties. Whether in person or over the phone, relax and let yourself get to know your potential lawyer as a human being. Also, look for clues about how this person will likely address your issues. Will you feel comfortable sharing detailed information and taking advice from this person? A free initial in-depth consultation can go a long way toward helping you reach an answer to, “Is this someone you can see yourself working with on a critical legal matter?”

Find Out For Yourself

Now that you have come this far in your search for the ideal Social Security Disability attorney, take the next step by scheduling a free consultation. Call us at 336-944-6786 or another local office number seen on our contact page and elsewhere on this website. Attorney Karen Brod truly looks forward to meeting you.