Month: May 2020

How to get started with your SSDI claim

If you have recently become disabled, you want to begin looking into your legal and financial options with an SSDI claim. You have likely never used this system before, though, so it can often feel intimidating and you may not know where to start.  The best place to...

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Do they put you under for back surgery?

Back surgery is major surgery. If you have suffered an injury -- in a workplace accident, for instance, or a car accident -- you may have emergency surgery to try to preserve mobility and feeling. If you have a degenerative condition or some other such health...

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Clinical depression set to rise

The Black Hole of Calcutta in India measured 18ft by 14ft-10in with two small windows. It was a dungeon. In The Great Escape, Steve McQueen's character was known as The Cooler King because he survived so much time in solitary confinement. Being locked up in a small...

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