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What is anterograde amnesia?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | SSDI

Many people know that amnesia is the loss of memories, but they may overlook the fact that there are different types of amnesia. Some people remember almost nothing, including who they are. Others just lose their short-term memories and begin making new ones soon after the event — such as getting into a car accident and being unable to remember the accident. 

However, some suffer from a rare condition called anterograde amnesia. Experts warn that it can have a drastic impact on every part of your life: Your romantic relationships, your friendships, your ability to work, etc. So, how does this differ from other types of disorders? 

Generally, this condition means that you do not lose your long-term memories. They stay just as intact as ever. What you have trouble with is creating any brand new memories. This ability could be entirely lost after your injury. 

For instance, you could get into a car accident on a Thursday, while driving to work. The next day, you’ll wake up still thinking that it’s Thursday. You’ll live through the entire day and, the following day, you’ll believe that it’s Thursday again. Your new memories of the days after the incident are not being stored, so you cannot realize that any time has gone by. 

Does the condition last forever? It may. Some people just have temporary issues before the brain starts creating memories again. Others never get through it entirely. There are medical treatment and therapy options you can use. However, if this condition makes it impossible to work and do many other things, you may also need to apply for SSDI benefits.