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Anxious about your upcoming Continuing Disability Review?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | SSDI

Qualifying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can take a huge financial load off your back. You can then focus on other aspects of life in light of your condition. However, the government is keen on ensuring only those deserving of these disability benefits receive them. This is done through periodic evaluations to determine eligibility. Based on the results, you may have your benefits continued or terminated. 

These assessments are known as Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR), and their frequency depends on individual situations. For instance, if your condition is expected to improve, you will have more reviews than someone whose medical condition is not likely to do so. In addition, some events like the completion of a vocational rehabilitation program can also trigger a CDR.

Did you get a CDR notice?

Do not be anxious. The reviews aren’t intended to end your SSD benefits. As long as you can show that your medical condition prevents you from working, your benefits will likely continue. All you have to do is respond on time and cooperate with the request. If you need more time to gather your documents, ask for it but never ignore the notice of the review.

How you should prepare for a CDR

Since it’s a review of your physical condition and ability to work, it is essential to have the necessary documentation at hand. For example, having up-to-date medical information about your situation and its effect on your well-being will ensure a smooth process. In addition, you should disclose if you have engaged in any form of income-generating activity or any failed attempts at doing so.

It is also necessary to inform the Social Security Administration of any changes in your mailing address. Otherwise, you may fail to respond to your CDR notice which could have an undesirable outcome. The most important bit lies in safeguarding your rights and securing your interests all along the process.