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Do you qualify for fast-tracked disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | SSDI

Ask almost anyone who has secured Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, and they’ll likely tell you that the Social Security Administration (SSA) takes its time in reviewing applications and issuing decisions. Attorneys, sadly don’t have a special channel through which they can help you file your application and get a decision any faster. Their experience in seeing what the SSA approves and rejects and knowing when to appeal decisions is invaluable, though.

While most people don’t qualify for a fast-tracked review of their disability benefits application, a select few do. This particularly applies to individuals who meet the qualifying criteria for benefits who’ve pursued all possible treatment options for their condition and are likely on borrowed time. Someone like this may qualify to have the review of their application fast-tracked through the compassionate allowances program.

What conditions qualify you for a compassionate allowance?

The conditions that may make you eligible for the compassionate allowances program vary. Some cancers, immune disorders, neurological issues and heart disease may qualify to fast-track your application for benefits.

Is an approval automatic if you have a qualifying condition?

Most people would assume that the SSA’s decision about whether to award disability benefits would be instantaneous, considering the gravity of a condition. That isn’t what happens, though.

While the average applicant for disability benefits waits months or years to receive a decision, the SSA takes approximately 15 days to decide whether to approve your application when you state that you’re doing so under the compassionate allowances program.

A significant percentage of applicants who request disability benefits end up having their application denied on the first attempt. Only 5% of the individuals who apply for benefits under the compassionate allowance program generally have their applications denied.

Do you qualify for disability benefits?

Determining whether your qualifying condition meets the eligibility to apply for disability benefits under the compassionate allowance program may not seem overly challenging. Do you have the necessary documentation to confirm your diagnosis and also show that you’ve exhausted treatment options? There’s certain information that you need to send in with your application to avoid a delayed decision.