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Spinal injuries affect the body in numerous ways

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | SSDI

Spinal injuries are serious ailments that can cause a significant amount of pain and discomfort. Crucially, the symptoms of such injuries are not limited to the back but can involve other parts of the body.

Often, injuries to the spinal cord do permanent damage, but treatment methods and technology are always evolving. Although spinal injuries can take an extended period of time to recover from as well as support and care, there is various help available. Recognizing some of the more common impacts that these injuries have on the body could ensure that you are best placed to take appropriate measures during the healing process.

Impact on breathing  

The respiratory system relies upon various muscles in the chest and abdominal area. After a spinal cord injury, these muscle groups can be weakened, making it more difficult to breathe. Although we often see coughing as an annoyance, it is a vital aspect in clearing the lungs of various types of bacteria. A lack of ability to do this can result in complications and even serious conditions such as pneumonia. There are a number of medical routes available to assist with breathing difficulties associated with spinal cord injuries and people are often able to make vast improvements within a short period of time.

Effects on the heart

Heart rate and blood pressure are controlled through a joint effort by the brain and heart. Messages that are sent from the brain to regulate blood pressure and heart rate are sent via the spinal cord, and if it becomes damaged, these signals cannot get through. Again, with effective medical treatment, these symptoms can be managed and conditions can improve for the person who has been affected.

A spinal injury will impact your ability to work and it is vital to take advantage of any available help. SSDI benefits can be a great source of comfort and having a firm understanding of your legal rights in this area will be to your benefit.