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What may cause your SSDI benefits to end?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | SSDI

Once your SSDI benefits are approved, you may wonder if or when they will end. After all, you may have struggled financially waiting for benefits to start and want to avoid that situation moving forward. 

Several things may cause your SSDI benefits to end. Keep reading to learn what those are. 

Going to jail

If you are in jail or prison, you can’t receive disability payments. This only applies to crimes where you are sentenced to at least 30 days in jail. When released, however, you can request benefit reinstatement.

Improving medically

You can begin receiving disability benefits for an injury that prevents you from working. There will be regular reviews of your case and situation to see if your medical condition improves to a certain extent. If you are no longer considered to have a disabling condition, then your benefits may be stopped. 


When you hit retirement age (65 years of age or older, depending on your date of birth), you are eligible to receive retirement benefits from the government. Because of this, your SSDI benefits will end, and your retirement benefits will begin. 

Going back to work

SSDI benefits aim to ensure you have money to live because you can’t work. However, your benefits may be stopped if you begin to work again and earn what is considered “substantial gainful activity.” However, many people are able to work part-time and still receive benefits.

It’s hard enough to obtain Social Security Disability benefits without a battle, so you don’t want to lose them again later over a simple misunderstanding or a mistake. Learning everything you can about the way the system works is a good plan.